Custom Orthotics Center Services in Houston, TX

Custom orthotics that we have provided in Houston, TX

Who needs Custom Orthotics?

 Any person who suffered from easy fatigue gait, heel pain, bunion deformity, flat feet deformity, contracted toes deformity, and abnormal alignment of feet that caused leg pain, knee pain, hip pain, and spinal pain.


What is custom orthotics and how does it work?


Custom orthoses are semi-rigid durable medical orthopedic appliances manufactured to retard foot deformity, toe malposition, and osteoarthritis degeneration in the joints of the feet, legs, and spine. By managing the patient's condition with orthoses, the need for surgical intervention, equivocal post-operative surgical  results and revisional surgical procedures may be reduced or obviated. Biomechanical orthoses are used to obtain maximum normal function of the feet by aligning and retaining certain angular relationships between the various functional osseous segments. They are custom fabricated specifically for each individual from hand casting, dynamic gait analysis, and cannot be utilized by any other person. There are additional components called post controls attached to the orthoses for the purpose of decreasing various force vectors of each muscle or muscle group. This improved and harmonizing the transfer of force through the feet, the upper bodies, and therefore improves muscle dynamics.


Does my insurance cover Custom Orthotics?

Most commercial insurance companies may cover whole or a portion of orthotics device. Please contact us at(713) 270-8682 to find out if your insurance will reimburse for it. 

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